Our research group boasts inter-disciplinarity and brings together different theoretical, methodological, political and professional interests in disability studies.

Tom Billington, Education,

Rachael Black, ScHARR,

Kathy Boxall, Sociological Studies,

Esme Cleall, History,

Harriet Cameron, Student Services Department,

Eleni Chambers, ScHARR

Tabby Collingbourne,

Liz Croot, ScHARR,

Dagmar Divjak, Russian and Slavonic Studies,

Sarah Dauncey, East Asian Studies,

Julie Ellis, Sociological Studies,\

Pamela Enderby, ScHARR,

Dan Goodley, Education,

Nicky Hallet, English,

Steph de-la-Haye, SCHARR,

Katie Hemer, Archaeology,

Melanie Jones, Management School,

Paul L. Latreille, Management School,

Kirsty Liddiard, Education,

Paul Martin, Sociological Studies,

China Mills, Education,

Nasrin Nasr, ScHARR,

Sivamathy Selvakumaran,

Lorna Warren Sociological Studies,

Sarah Spencer, Human Communication Sciences,

 Andrew Thompson, Psychology,

Gill Valentine, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Social Sciences,

Anthony Williams, Education,

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