For reasons of accessibility we seek to make many of our events open to our inter/national partners who cannot attend. Please see the following media links – combining podcasts and YouTube videos.

You can find out about some of the research of our members from a number of films:

Podcast channel
All our podcasts can be found by clicking here for our podcasting channel. These include the following sessions:

Disability and Austerity: A Symposium

8th May 2014   2 – 5pm
University of Sheffield
Dan Goodley (University of Sheffield) – defining and contesting austerity: the case of dis/ability
Nick Hodge (Sheffield Hallam University) – The Impact of Austerity on the Aspirations of People with Autism
Katherine Runswick Cole (Manchester Metropolitan University) – Cruel optimism and disability
Susana Rojas Pernia (University of Cantabria) – Disability barriers in Spain
Rebecca Lawthom (Manchester Metropolitan University) – Revolting subjects and austerity.

Making a case for a politics of vulnerability: the productive case of dis/ability – Dan Goodley, Vulnerability debate, May 22nd 2014, University of Sheffield



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